Joining the dots



I can help you see the big picture for your event or strategy, anticipating what’s coming and managing budgets with a fine tooth comb. Logistical issues are my speciality, and I’ll use my extensive knowledge of UK and international venues to help you find a space that reflects your content or messaging, as well as arranging travel and accommodation for any sized group. I know all the tricks of the trade, too, so leave all the negotiation up to me.

  • Account Management

  • Pitch and proposal creation

  • Venue sourcing

  • Incentive program design

  • Budget creation

  • Timeline creation

  • Logistical planning

  • Agenda design



I’ll make sure everything goes to plan on the day. I source, negotiate, contract and manage all the suppliers, systems and elements required to create a space and experience that reflects your vision.

By joining the dots between you, the production teams and various suppliers, I’ll ensure that everything runs smoothly during pre-production and on-site. No matter what challenges arise, I’ll take the stress out of the process, finding creative solutions with a calm and collected head.

  • Project Management

  • Strategic budget control

  • Logistics management

  • Delegate registration

  • Staging, technical, crewing

  • Design and print

  • Supplier sourcing

  • Onsite management



Even if you don’t have any events in the pipeline, I can work with you to refine your strategy and the financial models that underpin your business. I can create bespoke systems and workflow processes, upskill and cross-skill your teams, to share knowledge and make sure everyone’s in tune. I’ll also make sure you’re squeaky clean on compliance issues like TOMS and GDPR. I have ready-to-go packages to implement or health-check both,  so the whole process is swift and streamlined.

  • Event management operations

  • Operational excellence

  • System design and implementation

  • Problem solving

  • Business analysis and reporting

  • Team cross-skilling or upskilling

  • GDPR and TOMS

Who I work with

I work with all kinds of people. 
Here are just a few. If you can’t see yourself on this list, don’t fret.
Just give me a call.

  • Event agencies

  • Venue finding agencies

  • Event planners

  • Corporates

  • Venues

  • Private individuals

  • SME’s Business owners

Used Plastic Bottle on Beach


Do you want to remove single use plastics from your events or supply chain? I’m passionate about helping businesses reduce the environmental impact of their events, and this simple package makes it easy for you to remove single use plastics from your events. For a fixed fee I can:

  • Undertake a free consultation

  • Review your current status

  • Create 1, 2 and 3 year action plans 

  • Implement the project

  • Review your progress and monitor target milestones

  • Train your team to keep them engaged


Packages start from £500

Data Cloud


Data is a lot more complex than it was a few years ago and many businesses are either not up to speed or not sure if they are. So if you feel a little uneasy every time anyone mentions GDPR, don’t worry. I can help ease your worries and make sure you’re 100% compliant. For a fixed fee I can:

  • Undertake a free consultation

  • Review your current status

  • Report back with recommendations

  • Implement the project

  • Create all the document templates you need

  • Review everything as you go

  • Train your team 


Packages start from £500

Plane on Runway


If you buy and resell accommodation or travel as a principle (i.e. you act in your own name, rather than as an agent) then TOMS applies to you. Which means you need to account for the VAT. To help make sure you don’t find yourself in a sticky situation down the line, I can:

  • Undertake a free consultation

  • Review of your booking activity to check if TOMS applies

  • Report back with recommendations

  • Implement recommendations

  • Create all the document templates you need

  • Train your team


Packages start from £500