I have a very analytical mind and am constantly working out ways to improve operational delivery through smarter working practices, sharing feedback and creating new processes. Anything that will make things more efficient, basically.

Working seamlessly within your business, I’ll be glad to take the stress out of running your operations or planning your events and making sure your operations are streamlined and your events are  delivered on time, on budget and to agreed timelines, as well as consulting on the trickier aspects of compliance.

About me

Delivering events can be stressful, not to mention complicated. Whether you’re an in-house events team raising your game or a business looking to put on your first ever event, an experienced heavyweight on the project can be worth their weight in gold.

And that’s exactly what I offer. For the last 15+ years I’ve been managing operations and delivering events across a range of sectors – from hotels and catering to travel and event production – for global brands like Marriott, Radisson, Microsoft, Iceland Foods, Co-op, Muller and National Trust.

Over that time my love of detail, looking after people and, of course, spreadsheets has led to me to specialise in project management and logistics. As a logistics specialist it’s been my personal responsibility to make sure people get from A to B (and often C and D) comfortably, whether that’s 1000+ conference delegates or a bespoke itinerary for VIPs. As a Project Manager my ability to focus on the individual experience, co-ordinating all the parties involved, whilst crunching big numbers to bring it all together, makes me the perfect person to step in and provide total clarity on all kinds of event projects.


Got a challenge you’d like to discuss, or just want to say hello? I’d love to hear from you.


Tel: 07921 210729


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